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VoiceMailer 2009

A Desktop application that will allow you to send and receive voice mail via your existing pop3 mail box
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5 May 2009

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Voice-mail has been emerged as an effective mode of communication that has helped people to have personalized communication with others at minimal costs. However, while sending a voice mail, you often require specific applications and email clients with services to support voice mails. Well, shuffling between several websites to get a suitable application would prove to be a mere wastage of time, when you can easily send voice messages through your own POP3 mailbox, by using VoiceMailer 2009, which enables you to receive and send voice mails conveniently. All you’d require doing is to turn on your speakers and microphones for using the application. Just record a message for birthday, anniversary, good luck, or any other purpose, listen to it, select the contact and send it. In addition, the program even lets manage, add, update, or delete contacts while using the service.

For using the VoiceMailer 2009 application’s service with your pop3 mail client, you are required to define some simple configurations for activating it. You just have to set server and profile settings, after which you can easily send and receive voice-mails. Before sending a voice mail, add contacts by filling first name, last name, email address, and image location. The entire added contacts are queued up with Contacts tab, from where you can choose any for sending the voice mail. When you receive voice mails, they are lined up within Incoming tab, and when you’ve to send voice mails use Outgoing tab. The Outgoing tab includes To, From, and Subject fields that you’ve to fill, after which just turn on the microphone and speakers to begin recording the voice mail. Completing the voice mail message you can stop, pre-listen, or create new message. Finally, send the voice mail using your pop3 email client, with ease.

Using the VoiceMailer you can send and receive voice mails and send personalized messages to clients, customers, friends, etc. Marked at 3.5 rating points, the tool earns accolades for its easy to use simple features, and its overall optimum performance.

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A Desktop application that will allow you to send and receive voice mail via your existing pop3 mail box. All you need is a microphone and speakers turned on to use this tool. You can record your voice message and listen to it before sending. you will have your contact list that you can manage easily by adding, updating, deleting a contact from the list. You will use your own mailbox that allows pop3 forwarding such as Free GMail service
VoiceMailer 2009
VoiceMailer 2009
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